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The first Gran Turismo Sport closed beta begins in one week

La primera beta cerrada de Gran Turismo Sport empieza en una semana

How many want to have of Grantu? I’m not exactly a fan of racing, but I see a little off steering wheel with respect to Gran Turismo Sportcommunity, perhaps because it does not have the stunt at the end of the title which guarantees true technological leap and certain amount of content. Gran Turismo Sport perhaps a snack or a starter, so the beta which recently announced Sony could be the appetizer’s appetizer: Vermouth that you drink before the first canape.

In the press release they discuss selections of cars and circuits that will vary during the days of the beta, and also how it will introduce players to the new elements such as the pilot profile or the classification of sportsmanship, a sort of secondary ranking which records the behavior of the player during the race (in other words (: use outside body to take bends is bad, friends), apart from the pilot, who apparently classification shall weighted times in various races to shed a level of overall performance of the player. All this with a view to making an especially fair matchmaking.

Closed beta begins Friday that comes in a phase 1, which only permitted players who live in the U.S. (if you have American PSN account, is good time for light dusting), say that by a matter of hours with the development of Polyphony in Tokyo team. Don’t tell when to start phase 2, but there does ensure that people from all territories, will be but places are limited.

The schedules of each phase of the beta will appear on the official website of Gran Turismo when they become available. You can sign up for the beta here closed and buy a little picture, and pray that you touch a square here.

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