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Pack Farpoint and PS VR Aim Controller on sale in may, beta for Gran Turismo Sport


Virtual reality is a technology that should you sell applications that offer game situations, but within this new environment of inmension. Resident Evil 7 is one of the first products that exploit this new way of feeling the game with a license that has returned to its origins in many points. FarPoint promises something similar in the FPS.

We are facing a frantic shooter that set on a hostile planet, waiting to be explored by the player. The game mechanics are based on classic formulas of FPS with the depth that virtual reality can offer the player into a product that runs away from the Rails.

This dive will combine with PS VR Aim Controller, a control system that will simulate a gun with management 1:1. The full experience is valued very positively and all owners of PlayStation VR can enjoy it from 17 may with the joint pack of Farpoint and PS VR Aim Controller that may be on sale for €89.99.

According to Sony, there are currently developing more games that will make use of this PS VR Aim Controller.

Gran Turismo Sport will have a beta in the next few weeks. On March 17 , U.S. users will be the first out of the starting grid and gradually other territories players gradually coming together. If you are interested in participating, follow the following link to sign up.

Source | Sony

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