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The game of challenge Total for ZX Spectrum comes to the light 27 years after its cancellation

The overall challenge, the film by Paul Verhoeven,-based game was cancelled 27 years; now, Mark R. Jones, one of the graphic artists who worked on it in his day, with Ocean, has recovered and published a version playable in Total Recall.

This version comes out of a demo non-playable, which was circulated in November 1990, with nothing less than the Micro Hobby magazine; Perhaps someone is reading this and have that same magazine in any wardrobe. It is the number 204, describing the game as «a whole of action, i.e., that we will have to go handing out smite out left and right while we are collecting some elements which, without a doubt, we will be essential in achieving our ultimate goal».

While it is documented for the autobiographical book he is writing, Jones found the demo and posted a video where he taught it. After that, the programmer Adrian Singh contacted with Jones to try to do that that demo out playable; when it got, discovered that playing was possible access to areas that not appeared in the split recorded.

Is not complete, clear, and Jones acknowledges that he doesn’t know “to where you can get’ or if ‘there is something it is assumed that you have to do with items that you collect», although yes ‘you can go to see more parts of the level as in the demo… Although, care… you can get somewhere that clogged the game!»

In the description of the video that are on these lines, there is a link from which you can download (for a limited time, says Jones) demo hacked with controls, that you can play in emulator.

Came to leave a Total Recall in Spectrum, but was in 1991. It was also of Ocean, although its appearance was considerably different from the demo of Micro Hobby. Below you can see a video of the version that came out to the market.

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