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The Michel Ancel Instagram smells Beyond Good & Evil 2

Michel Ancel, known mostly by be the creator of Rayman, just of publish in Instagram an image related with his other great work: ladies and gentlemen, plays talk another time on Beyond Good & Evil 2.

In the illustration we see to a small pig distracted in a workshop while a Mr with beard-that might or not be chiconuclear; We do not make comments about rumors or speculations – repair go you know what. Have seen of all in this of them games, but only a pig that works as mechanical: has that be the same Pey’j (or uncle Zerdy in the translation) that accompanies to Jade in the adventure original.

Neither is very subtle it track that there are in the brief message that accompanies the photo:

Somewhere in the system 4… Thank you Ubisoft for making this possible!

This fourth system, of course, is where the first Beyond Good & Evil.

The sequel was announced officially during the Ubidays 2008 event, with a hard to forget in which that Pey appeared also teaser’j adult and grumpy. Just a year later you filter that another video legendary, surely a simulated gameplay , that the own Ancel recognized as authentic and showed again during his talk at the 2013 Gamelab (44:45 min).

After many wobbly on the continuity of the project, because I understand that touch again hope and speculate without filter: would have finished this being a prequel or should understand the dibujin up as a childhood memory? Is it in fact the son? End up being true that rumor crazy that spoke of Beyond Good & Evil 2 as title exclusive to NX? Had permit the friend Michel to fuck him to Ubi the surprise of the next E3? Is in reality a plan of Guillemot to win allies in his fight against Vivendi? Too many questions for a Tuesday.

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