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The new Prey trailer tells us that it will be on May 5

Bethesda has just released another trailer for Prey, the reboot that develops Arkane Studio in Austin, Texas, and to be put on sale next may 5.

Apart from announcing the release date, video not much taught that they had not seen before. There is Morgan Yu, participating in a painful experiment aboard space station Talos i. We also knew that in the ship slip aliens which can be transformed into Chair, and that those powers just somehow spreading the protagonist; already made all the jokes about the possibilities that offers the become a cup and get rolling, we see now that you can also take the form of a machine gun turret.

As in Dishonored 2 and company, those powers van accompanied of the corresponding array. Is it essential shotgun-with an edging and two kits extra if reserves the game, sends noses- and is something similar to a gun of glue or cement that is worth equal to seal leaks of gas that for petrify enemies or draw in the wall a ladder improvised. You can have your grace, the truth.

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