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The new System Shock opened their Kickstarter campaign

Night Dive Studios has opened the campaign of Kickstarter’s its System Shock, announced at the end of last year and that we could see a video in March. The study (recognized by adapt to modern systems many classics of PC, including, specifically, the first System Shock) need $900,000 for the project; starting from how much more money to get beyond there, will try to reach, adding new scenarios and more history to a remix of the soundtrack, among other things: there are various stretch goals that still cannot be seen.

One of the most interesting points of the campaign lies in the fact that have released a demo of the game that anyone can test before you take the big step towards the Micropatronage. On the System Shock’s Kickstarter page you have links to download Steam, GOG or Humble.

To play this demo I spent some time this morning, precisely. It is not especially long: in a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes should be in front of the display of gratitude for having played.

This System Shock is, according to its creators, a reboot of the original; not a remake not a remaster, but a reboot. Perhaps is a way to leave the door open to a System Shock 2 that does not follow necessarily, at the foot of the letter, the game of 1999 in which Ken Levine carved out a name. “We will keep the new game faithful to the original experience, while retaining everything that you love and updating the user interface and graphics to use a modern engine. Aid to the original concept artist , original vision (sic) of Citadel Station and its inhabitants will return for end to life», they say from Night Dive Studios about this reboot.

The home immediately reminiscent of the original, but System Shock brief (let us not forget that a demo is created pre-alpha for the possible backers give you an idea of what can be expected from the final game): wake up from a cryogenic cure when SHODAN, intelligence artificial gone wild that controls Citadel, is already out of control. Roughness techniques apart (again: is pre-alpha), it shows that it’s been a few years: in the original, the first thing we saw when we recuperábamos the control of avatar was this:

El nuevo System Shock abre su campaña de Kickstarter

Moreover, is a start that makes clear the intention of Night Dive Studios: map of the new Citadel enough follows the letter of the original station to be able to recognize the rooms, with some additions that bring to System Shock to the 21st century. The obtaining of important objects is followed by an animation reminiscent of new doom (with that detailed examination that placed in the foreground pipeline, for example, or the gun, blurring everything else); some puzzles are solved more organically, as the numeric panel (simple, to be the written solution right on the side) or the circuit, which is still rather obtuse on this demo.

There are things that escape the demo opportunities: for example, the involvement of Chris Avellone, highly respected for his involvement in the heavy-weights of the role as Planescape: Torment, Fallout: New Vegas or the recent Pillars of Eternity. Designer “will work hand in hand with Stephen Kick (our creative director) and Jason Fader (our director and producer senior of Fallout: New Vegas), as well as with other key developers of Fallout: New Vegas, for the quality of the triple modern to the world of System Shock», explain on Kickstarter. Robb Waters, the concept artist of the original System Shock, is also involved in the project.

El nuevo System Shock abre su campaña de Kickstarter

At the moment, and 29 days of the end of the campaign funding, they carry 360,000 900,000 dollars they need; the objective is, as they say, reach one million seven hundred thousand, the number that would allow them to add «dismemberment of the extremities of the enemies, more puzzles, setting the type of ammunition and weapons, machines vending, research and basic components, progression of RPG, weapon upgrades, a Hardcore (no respawn), an Ironman (only a saved game mode mode;» If you die, the game is cleared)», say in the project page.

It is not the only System Shock that is underway, by the way: System Shock 3, this si a continuation of the original duology, also there is and, until proven otherwise, continues to run. There is not much information, but the official website is still active, and assumes that Warren Spector is director of OtherSide Entertainment, the study that is developing it. Remove it is responsible for Night Dive Studios, which have the rights to the series.

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