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The new trailer for Titanfall 2 focuses on pilots

Although robots like everyone, especially those who are rather large and carry sword, I think that it is easy to understand why EA and Respawn pose this new trailer for Titanfall 2 as a small Ode to its pilots.

The most common complaint during the beta of the game had to do precisely with the movement of the soldiers: some maps design and speed of the displacement, the bond jumping and running through the walls seemed to have lost importance in this sequel. Did not seem to me something exaggerated, especially in games with equipped hook, but yes I understand the concern and I do believe that a video was needed as well, in plan “best moves” – Assembly lacks spark and it costs little to imagine gusts of most spectacular casualties, but I think the idea is understood.

I’m still eager to Titanfall 2, of course. Perhaps because the first I have already pretty far – I didn’t what to play after writing the analysis-, in this second part I more understandable adjustments that ground-breaking changes. It is clear, in any case, we should take it into account the opinion of who has been giving to Titanfall during these two and a half years. It seems that, at least to some extent, Vince Zampella and company have been doing.

Titanfall 2 will be available the next 28 of October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And the coming week, in the premiere of the new program’s Geoff Keighley in YouTube, we will see more of their individual campaign.

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