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The new XCOM 2 DLC now available

XCOM 2, titled Shen completo Last Gift, new DLC is now available on Steam. It was published yesterday, by surprise; It costs 10 euros and you can find your trailer for launch on these lines.

Expanding the history, the DLC also includes «a new kind of soldier with powerful skills of combat, strategic capabilities and customization options», as described in its description. Although the game is available on Windows, Linux and Mac, this moment only DLC can be used in Windows; other versions will come later, they say.

XCOM 2 came out a few months ago and was very celebrated. Until September 9 will be exclusive of the PC; that day versions are released for Xbox One and PS4, that The Workshop is working the Californian study. With a little luck, they wind themselves and include the DLC that has gone out.

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