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Street Fighter V presents its story mode in this trailer

Capcom has released a trailer for Street Fighter Vstory mode. You can see it here above.

Mode today as additive free along with Balrog and Ibuki, and is a history of between 3 and 4 hours designed to build bridges between what counts in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III; through five chapters of A Shadow Falls (thus the story is called), explains the trouble of Shadaloo and others in that particular period. “This is the first time in the history of the series that fans can play this kind of experience cinematic in a Street Fighter game,” they explained a few days ago on Capcom Unity.

The story mode gives the player a total of 80,000 Fight Money (the currency of the game, which makes playing and used to buy new fighters and others, also available using real money): 30,000 to finish it on normal difficulty and 50,000 for doing extra in difficulty. To put it in perspective, a new fighter costs 100,000 FM; a new scenario, 70,000.

On this subject, Capcom has also announced that do not implement the Zenny, another counterfeit currency which, via micro-payments, would be able to accumulate to get faster those additives that the game allows you to buy credit card coup. Instead, the game will manage micropayments through Steam and the PSN Store, directly; with today’s update, the shop will begin to be active and instead of Zenny euros or the currency each one usually used to buy the bread will be used directly. Fewer complications.

That leaves us with some prices, also: 6 euros per character, 4 by the new scenarios, 2 by the alternate versions of scenes that are already in the game, and 2 from costumes for the characters.

At the same time, Guile and Alex, which, until now, could be free in the absence of those Zenny to at the end of not going to ever exist, will cost money and will no longer be available unless the player buy them. You encariñéis not much if you don’t Fight Money or enough euros.

Looking to the future, Capcom has in mind to implement a series of daily goals you will Fight Money to be completed, as well as other modes such as Extra Battle or Versus CPU-player. «We will share more details about these modes and options as soon as we can,» tops in the Capcom blog.

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