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The Sexy Brutale is the new game of Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works

The Sexy Brutale es el nuevo juego de Cavalier Game Studios y Tequila Works

Tequila Works and Cavalier Game Studios (the Studio behind Deadlight and future Rime) have announced a new game: The Sexy Brutale, a ‘narrative adventure game puzzles» set in a decaying mansion reused as casino.

The thing is a species of whodunit with a spin: it mansion lives in a day eternal that is repeats again and again, and the Mission of our avatar, a such Lafcardio, is pass unnoticed while investigates them ways in that them invited to The Sexy Brutale (so is called it mansion casino) are murdered «to hands of them servants of the mansion» , we read in the note of press. A whodunit loses the grace if already know the who, and there is the key of the game: the key of the puzzles is, seems, in discover how stop them murders.

«To find the way to save every one of the guests, Lafcadio will get a hidden power associated with their masks», explained in the press release. «In this way, we can further explore the mansion, discovering the secrets of its past and of its inhabitants, until you reach the truth hidden in the heart of The Sexy Brutale».

Of the newly finished gamescom 2016, where is could see by first time the game, comes this video that you have down, in which is can see them first minutes of split.

The Sexy Brutale was born from an idea of Tom Lansdale and Charles and James Griffiths, brothers and former Lionhead; development started in her study, Cavalier, a studio founded in Guildford in 2013 after having Lansdale and the Griffiths left the company of the Fable. Raúl Rubio, tequila, could see a first version of the game in a session organized by Cavalier to a group of friends «in order to receive criticism and advice for its development»; the crush was immediate.

«When Cavalier we asked our opinion on The Sexy Brutal, immediately knew that had that form part of the game», explains blonde, that is convinced of that the work in team has given as result «an experience genuinely unforgettable for those players». Charles Griffiths, in the press release, celebrates collaboration and ensures that it has been of great help to create “an accessible and exciting game» from its initial idea.

It is expected The Sexy Brutale is published in the first quarter of 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, Tequila Works continues working in Rime, its anticipated next game. We recently learned that in the end will be Grey Box and Six Foot responsible to publish the game; There was some months of uncertainty after is knew that Sony already not was involved in the project, a circumstance that not stopped the development of the game although itself earned for Tequila ill-treatments them rights on their work.

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