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ZeniMax adds new information to its lawsuit against Oculus VR

ZeniMax añade nueva información a su demanda contra Oculus VR

ZeniMax has added a complaint revised to the demand that filed to Oculus VR in mayo of 2014 of course theft of property intellectual. In the new documentation, ZeniMax directly accuses John Carmack and Brendan Iribe (CEO of Oculus VR) theft and false dissemination of a story about the origins of its virtual reality technology.

The new documentation that ZeniMax has contributed is can see below:

According to ZeniMax, Carmack «copied thousands of documents from a computer of ZeniMax to a device of storage USB» in their last day of work in the company; his relationship with ZeniMax was cut at the end of 2013, when he left id Software, the Studio he founded in 1991. According to the demand, Romero «never returned those files or all your backups once his contract with ZeniMax end». In addition, they say, once outside the company «returned to the facilities to take a custom tool to develop Virtual reality which belonged to ZeniMax and which is in itself part of the technology of virtual reality of ZeniMax».

In 2014, Oculus responded to the charges explaining that «one of the main reasons that John is permanently out of ZeniMax in August 2013 was that ZeniMax prevented John working in virtual reality, and let investigate company-wide virtual reality games».

The so-called theft of material internal was the reason by which is initiated them actions legal; they are also essential for Oculus, because, as explained in the new documentation, Palmer Luckey not only isn’t the inventor of today’s virtual reality but Brendan Iribe has been responsible for shaping the image of Luckey as the genius who invented the technology ‘in the garage of his parents’. It is not the first time that suggest this: already in 2014 said that presence media of Luckey and his visionary developer figure did not correspond with the creation of the technology of virtual reality of Oculus Rift, “that has been developed by ZeniMax while Luckey is involved”, they said in the lawsuit.

This time van slightly more beyond, and develop the idea responsible to Iribe of the creation of the image public of Luckey, of which ensure that not had them knowledge necessary to develop the technology of Oculus Rift:

Oculus, by order of Iribe, circulated in the press false and fanciful history of Luckey was the brilliant inventor of VR technology and that it had developed the technology in the garage of his parents. Actually, that history is completely false: Luckey not had the training, the experience, the resources nor the knowledge necessary for create a technology of reality virtual commercially viable, their skills as programmer were rudimentary and depended on of the code and them games of ZeniMax for teach to the public the prototype of Rift. Even so, this fraudulent story was repeated frequently in the media as if it were a fact. Luckey was presented to the media and the public more often and falsely as the visionary developer of Rift VR technology, that it had actually been developed by ZeniMax without any substantial contribution from Luckey.

Finally, ZeniMax accuses Facebook of Oculus to violate its agreements, since that when Mark Zuckerberg company bought Oculus VR already knew the relationship between their acquisition and ZeniMax, and were aware of the legal actions that had filed «to obtain fair compensation for the illegal use of intellectual property». It knew by the media and it knew by Palmer Luckey, that had delivered, according to the demand, a copy of the NDA that Luckey had signed with ZeniMax.

“Oculus gave Facebook a copy of the confidentiality agreement executed by Luckey. On July 21, 2014, with full knowledge of the accusations of ZeniMax Oculus and Luckey, and with full knowledge of the executed confidentiality agreement by Luckey, Facebook closed its purchase of Oculus, and became the sole owner of Oculus”, they explain.

Although the NDA was signed by Luckey with individual, ZeniMax assures that by extension his firm makes reference to all the company Oculus VR.

Oculus VR responds

Oculus VR has responded to them new accusations of ZeniMax with a connected brief and that prefers to leave for them courts it’s give explanations.

«This complaint presented by ZeniMax is unilateral and only has in has the interpretation of ZeniMax’s the history», said a representative of the company to GameInformer. «Continue believing that this case not has future, and will discuss all the allegations of ZeniMax in the courts».

Does not differ much public response given in 2014, when they said that “there is a line of code of ZeniMax or any of its technology on any product Oculus» and that all came from a riotous Busines: they said, ZeniMax cancelled Doom 3 BFG compatibility with its virtual reality headset «when Oculus refused to accept the request of ZeniMax to take on equity indiluible Oculus» , and from there come all the jaleo.

Also encouraged to the company owner of Bethesda to say clearly what was what had been stolen: «while the code source full of the Oculus SDK is available online, ZeniMax never has identified any code or technology “stolen”», said.

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