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Two new videos of Berserk, Omega Force

Omega Force has released two new videos from his Berserk, the game based on the popular manga by Kentaro Miura. As corresponds, are two snacks in which is presented some peculiarities of two of those characters that is can control in the game, in this case Casca and capricious.

Casca is up; the of capricious, just below.

He painted not too well, I think, but I do not think having an especially worse aspect that I quite like Hyrule Warriors, for example, another licensed musou than me. These not want to fool to nobody, at least: this goes of partitioning hosts of all the forms that is us occur, and that is what are teaching in this series of videos.

Remember that not will be necessary wait both as believed to see in what is this experiment: Although is gave by assumed that out of Japan would come out already in 2017, makes not both Koei Tecmo announced that in United States and Europe Berserk is published to end of 2016, with weeks of difference with the publication original. Sale in PS4, Vita and PC; in Japan, in addition, will publish a version for PS3.

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