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Ubisoft fears for its ability to innovate if Vivendi absorbed the company

Ubisoft teme por su capacidad de innovar si Vivendi la compra

Although the waters is have calm after Vivendi devour of a snack Gameloft, it certain is that the family Guillemot continues without sleep well by them nights, and the feeling of concern is has infected to their subordinates. Who know perfectly well despite several tries unsuccessfully to make a hostile takeover BID, Vivendi has all the time in the world to calibrate the best strategy for its next hit, and it will be extremely unlikely that Vivendi lost interest or was distracted by another victim. If Gets the Gallic business shark in the head, typically end up getting it by hook or by crook.

Perhaps to discourage this purchase, to make a kind of trap that will bring down the value and prestige of Ubisoft in the moment they fall into the hands outside (something that, if one is very, very optimistic, might think that it would drive away to Vivendi), one of his high Executive, Vice President of operations Anne Blondel-Jouin, gave a brief interview to the magazine PCGamesN which leaves dropped some alarmism about the future of the company in the that has been working for two decades:

I’ve been here with Ubisoft for 20 years and I know that what has given us success for three decades is to be very independent, being very autonomous. Sometimes we take many risks: think of The Crew, that was risky. People looked at him and said “I don’t think that another racing game, works, what were you thinking?”. Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, that kind of titles.

I think that this is what makes Ubisoft so different, and personally I think that this is what we are. It is what we want to continue to be, is what has given us success and has made us able to offer the kind of games that we have been doing for thirty years.

So far all good, I would say, because players are still with us and I know good ink, after 20 years there, that if we separate our independence, if we take this way of taking risks and invent new things, well, Ubisoft will not be the same. For me it would not be the same.

I guess before the speculative voracity of Vivendi any grain of sand is valuable in this desperate struggle, even though the battle is lost before you start. And is evident that if you removed the timon, leave of having independence as captain of the boat; What does not seems so clear is the affair of the creativity and the innovation that Blondel-Jouin is of project. At the end and out Ubisoft is well known for having molded in his own way a formula of success, that of Grand Theft Auto, and have it applied to an infinite number of games and different environments with more or less success. It is a large publisher and however much grip to poems deserved as Valiant Hearts, your business proposal is always structured by the idea of selling the player going to buy, no more and no less. Why we have ten years of Assassin’s Creed. And that is the very idea of business which is, surely, the own Vivendi.

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