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You do not see these first eight minutes of The Last Guardian

To the end goes to prove that not is joke and The Last Guardian comes out in little more than one week. Of crazy! It seems so impossible that I will believe it when you see it, and after believing it will cry, and after crying I will play with the runaway heart and glassy eyes, and then I’ll be at the mercy of a perfect storm of emotions that threatens to be one of those disappointments that you break the spirit and you never recover or take you to the nirvana of the videojoc and the man-animal relationship. Or none of that, who knows.

The case is that few releases feel like something truly important throughout life, and I think should renounce this protection barrier skeptical as usual in this world and let yourself go by the current, albeit only by experiencing the feeling of approaching something big truth. And that with The Last Guardian or anyone that is the game that you touch the potato.

Case is that, finally, I have not seen the trailer above or think it to see, but is what is in it and is already enough spoiler know it: the first few minutes of the game with the child awakening in Trico prison and a dose extra unreleased footage in which appears another copy of polligato the child leading his friend by forests and the bug saving the child from that kind of evil mud soldiers. That say.

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