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Uncharted: The lost legacy will be August 23

They said Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4 was going to be the end of the franchise, but there’s a slight change of plans: what had to have been a DLC for this game ended up growing up to become another, Uncharted: the legacy lost -the first well translated from the franchise title, already played. Now we know that you will leave on August 23 and will cost € 39.99, both in physical format and PlayStation Store.

In the scene which today publishes Sony to accompany the announcement there isn’t much that did not know. There are Chloe and Nadine, packs of graficotes and looking for treasures to somewhere in Asia; Ganesh and other deities of the Hindu Pantheon, leave the trail of crumbs. We also know that the game will feature more spacious environments we’ve seen in the series, although in principle there will be many: on the duration of the lost legacy, is said at the time that that was going to be longer than Left Behind, the necessary expansion of The Last of Us, and shorter than Uncharted 4.

Reasons to get you to this there are us, of course, but Nate and Sully are not the only noteworthy absences in this project. Uncharted: the legacy lost it is thing Shayn Escayg (creative director), Kurt Margeneay (director) and Josh Scherr (screenwriter), because the good of Neil Druckman and his magnificent beard are at the top with The Last of Us Part II and his colleague Bruce Straley has decided to catch a sabbatical.

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