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2016: Redemption (III): Beglitched, Imscared

2016: Redemption (III): Beglitched, Imscared

More or less inevitably, every year we play a few games that we have just not writing, so it might be. In these last days of 2016 we seek redemption, giving brief reviews some of those games that have escaped us during these twelve months. Them there are good, them there are bad; some seem to be of laughter, and others are among it best that is has posted this year. In this series of articles I will discuss all of them.

Beglitched | by chiconuclear

«The seed of inspiration for the mechanics of the grid of battle of Beglitched», account AP Thompson, one of the creators of the game, ‘wine of the desire to make the Act of debugging a fun and affordable program». He debugging is the process of localization and correction of errors in a program; debug the code of a game, for example, to reduce both as is possible the number of times that is behaves of ways conflicting. In Beglitched, we follow the dictates of the Glitch Witch to get rid of the bugs that are crossed on our journey through the bowels of a computer.

Although not is seems to almost nothing, in Beglitched there are traces of many things: there is something of strategy by shifts, much of match-3, a part important of Minesweeper, a coating very nice of humor rare as of RPG Japanese. Below all that is a really fun game that very effectively transmits the feeling of being smarter than the machine: there is something great in how designed the enemies that makes everything work; that chop them areas of the brain that must of biting when, after a while exploring the code of a program, find the errata or understand what part need be corrected, as a detective that is bumps just with it track that needed in that time and can do that the research follow forward.

There is something of that in Beglitched (the first prototype, away from the sweetened and charming aesthetic of the final game, revolved around a detective and cases generated by the system, following a series of basic rules, procedural way), and it is interesting to think about what it says AP Thompson about his intentions: talking about everything from odious the debugging process , explains how always has believed that in certain circumstances («a good knowledge of the system and tools appropriate to extract information of it») can be “stimulating and very satisfactory». But Beglitched not evangelizing about the source infinite of fun that is be the debugging; in fact, «gather carefully of a flawed system to locate and isolate the source of the problem. This process makes me feel like a master detective and is an experience I wanted to share with others.”

Indeed, getting it very naturally. Beglitched is one of those small, polished games that just want to do one thing, and do it well. Wrapping of Bruges that hacked after posting alien and strongmen gominola computers does not preclude that some of the challenges proposed are brutal, in addition. In that sense, I suppose, if attempted to recreate the hardships that can cause bugs. [7]

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Develops and distributes: Hexecutable
Release: 7 October 2016

Imscared | por pinjed

Twenty years ago existing terror jokes on hidden camera. Alfonso Arús presented some other section in first video where a man with a Frankenstein mask came out like a spring from the bottom of a dustbin when someone approached to throw a bag, or was hiding in a cardboard box apparently abandoned in an alley and jumped right in front of passers-by, by testing your coronary system. Today there are YouTube channels specialized in this type of content that have perfected the genre into exercises of pure evil: jokes with ghosts, optical illusions, a crime scenes or clowns with saws that are not based in fright and terror cerval and sustained. In two clicks of the mouse one can see how becomes a Brazilian student life ahead of the eyes in an anthological attack of absolute dread being chased by half zombie or as a cleaner of Atlanta bordering infarction when the floor of the elevator seems to have disappeared. The asshole of the trumpet in the back has become more sophisticated, I discovered more elaborate and more effective forms of changing people. He has traveled the long road that separates the idiot with a balloon and a needle of the true master of horror.

Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare is the work of one of those experts of terror, a pure element of fear.

If not analyzed in his day Imscared probably it was because I didn’t know how to do it without spoiling the experience of whom has not played it yet. Ivan Zanotti is a proposal that has an impact on the player from first second of departure: a series of text messages tell us that you have created a folder on the desktop only for us, tells us that the audio is important in this game and that we put a set of headphones, and is responsible for repeated on several occasions that Imscared differs from other games. The way that communicates directly with the player and gives instructions on your own computer gives some clues about the central idea of Imscared.

Entered in the field once us mugs with an aesthetic based on the deliberate uglyism; It is not just retro: it is harsh, almost annoying, and serves to place the player in a State of discomfort ideal for what happens after, a macabre dance that brings us to get in and out of the game, with clearly simulated errors combined with other real. Messages in the form of text files to get strange ideas in the head, tasks performed by the computer without our permission, files that are created and disappear without do nothing and especially two layers of terror: that one of the game itself, with its floating faces and their labels in red saying “back to you”, and that of the metagame , with his manipulation of our system.

At a certain point these two realities nested one inside the other begin to interact with each other, breaking the fourth wall with more and more frequency, transmit us a perception of something that is not possible (as the victim of a joke of YouTube that appear out of nowhere a sinister girl in a closed room: cannot be) (, but being) and that almost got to believe us: Imscared is the spectral version of a computer virus, a supernatural binary entity that exists to take ownership of the computer and use it to make us crazy with fear. [9]

This review is the extended version of Imscared sold on Steam, you can play the original for free on Gamejolt.

Platform: PC
Develops and distributes: Ivan Zanotti
Release: January 28, 2016

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