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Allison Road back from the dead

Allison Road vuelve de entre los muertos

It seems that Allison Road has more lives that a cat. In June I had that the game had been cancelled abruptly and explanations of Lilith and Team 17 a couple of weeks later left us more or less the same. However, as in many horror stories, Allison Road has decided to return from the dead, hopefully for ever.

The news has announced the own Christian Kesler with a statement to IGN. Far From Home, a new studio founded by Kesler and his wife, will be now the seal Manager of developing it. Kesler said that he was not proposed to revive the game following the cancellation, but began to work on it, changed some things and little by little the project revived. And not, not has given more explanations about the reasons that led to the cancellation.

Remember that Allison Road is announced in the middle of the year last with the label of be the successor spiritual of P.T., that teaser of Silent Hills that so bad us it made pass. After the cancellation of the project of Kojima and of the bull, Allison Road launched a campaign of Kickstarter to finance its development. However, the campaign was cancelled in October, before meet its target, and is announced that the game is would edit low the seal Team17, an agreement that finally is rid makes a couple of months.

As you can imagine, by the time not there is date of exit for the game. Actually just have details of how is going to be its development starting from here. Hopefully, that Yes, that the following news is not that it has been cancelled again.

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