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Analysis of BoxBoxBoy!

Análisis de BoxBoxBoy!

The BoxBoy! original was a surprise. It was because much or it knew (although wore hovering some months by Japan) until the same day of its release, announced by surprise in a Nintendo Direct. Also because it is a little weird game of the study that we are accustomed to a mixture of tradition and experimentation with their Kirby, the character easier to associate with HAL Laboratory. It was a surprise, at the end, and above all, because it was a very good game: that is what remains when the Fireworks end.

I had many ganas of play to BoxBoxBoy!, the second part, since is published by surprise in Japan. I imagine that it is not difficult to doubt about the possibilities of expanding a proposal like the one from the original, so led to the limit (the game was expanded so that at times it seemed that it was going to be infinite, and the last worlds were terribly complicated), with something as simple as allowing the use of two groups of boxes. It turns out that this detail causes everything to change; Thanks to the second group of boxes, even them ideas that seem to repeated, sometimes almost to the foot of the letter, receive a turned of nut very refreshing and that make that, although the differences seem minimum to simple view, us find before a game that is knows differentiate much of its predecessor.

The basis is the same. «A platform puzzle game in black and white featuring a cube without just an expression that must reach the goal in a series of levels, many, thanks to his ability to create cubes of the same size, lifting them away from his body and using them as a platform, as hitch, as climbing tool», wrote last year. That is still going BoxBoxBoy, only that where previously only existed the possibility of creating a group of boxes of a size determined (depending on the level) is now possible to create two.

Thus, for example, the design of puzzles can afford ask that a group of boxes serve as a platform and other use it as hook; or that one is a shield to avoid lasers and other select a button to open a door. Who know well the original know of where come, already say, almost all them resources that uses HAL to give form to those levels; most striking are the solutions.

Shares also some weaknesses with BoxBoy! Some of them are related: as in the first, here the initial worlds are just discovering how just tutorials as they begin to get difficult levels, where a situation is not explored concrete to carry it (what we believe to be) its last consequences but is used all tools box to erect puzzles cheering Yes as the best examples of its kind, to have a clear picture of the space and use two groups of cases in ways that very often they are not explicit at first sight. In that sense, has given me the feeling that it is a difficult point that the first part: in BoxBoy! the costs above came from the world 15, but in BoxBoxBoy! no need to wait that long; Perhaps because the customs of the original is put in the road, had the feeling of that starting from the world 8 or 9 already some puzzles demanded a knowledge more deep of the possibilities of them groups of boxes.

Análisis de BoxBoxBoy!

Also like the original, BoxBoxBoy! has its own guide inside, with a series of tracks that, in Exchange for coins of game (which is get, in principle, walking with the 3DS to slopes), offer it solution to each section of the levels; collectibles are the only thing that escapes to the domain of the tracks, and also here more BoxBoxBoy I liked! that the first: get them, especially as one is delves in the levels advanced, returns to be an exercise very interesting of economy, because disappear if is surpasses a number of boxes used. There are also more rewards: crowns and coins (square, of course) that provide help to unlock new areas of the game which initially are closed.

It gives the feeling of that don’t have to explain much more about this new amusement of HAL Laboratory; in part, because you want to keep expectations low for that surprise has the effect that seem to want their creators. Those who already know the original knows what to expect and those arriving without previous experience can make the way in both directions: start with BoxBoxBoy! and pass to BoxBoy! If the body ask for more puzzles or vice versa. (There is some connection between the two: unlocked the top costumes become the sequel.) BoxBoxBoy! It is an interesting game and that surprises for its generosity, by everything that hides inside even though on the outside it looks sober and simple. It is a closed box that boasts not until not you enter inside, until you do not rebuscas and go and you go out what hides inside. It is a white box as Qbby, one of its protagonists; It is a space of possibilities that HAL is responsible for filling of ideas, with the firm pulse that one expects of them. A humble and happy game. [8]

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