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Analysis of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The first time that Sony and Supermassive Games showed Until Dawn, at gamescom from 2012, it was a compatible with PlayStation Move PS3 game. Now, things in life – call it butterfly effect, call it virtual reality-, the franchise is reunited with gestural control; a Rush of Blood, half witch, half shooting gallery’s train, theirs is mounted with a Move in each hand. The option of playing with the remote control is so cumbersome that it is not worth taken into account.

As good circumstances, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood seems moderately obvious: played to make a game of fear for PlayStation VR, because the scares are a little more when you get the sunglasses. And to avoid problems and dizziness with the displacement, best that be on Rails. But if the movement is automatic, something will have to do. Hit a few shots, for example. Guns appear ultimately in my reconstruction of the facts because, in importance, they are only above the script: the excuse to call it Until Dawn is a little elaborate connection, which sneaks in a way something forced by the single space that left him the original adventure.

Análisis de Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Again, the extra immersion virtual reality, offering raises to the remarkable a series of moments, details and situations than seen on TV would not be much. Narrow and dark corridors are overwhelming beyond their means, descents in plan roller coaster might note in the stomach and jump scares facile, whenever the lights go off you eat them as much as will be coming. Fear in Rush of Blood is not intended to be anything sophisticated or twisted – gets along better with that idea ligerita of terror, which expects even a small laugh after every shock- but you can not help it to be especially effective: a friend was about to fall from the Chair because of a ghost that looked you to the left. Help them graphics, it quite credible despite the apparent sacrifices. Not all textures are seen with the definition that you wanted to, but yes convinces lighting and its effect on most materials, which also tend to break with some grace. In open spaces, detail is lost and it is hard to distinguish some other object in the distance, but the sense of scale makes up for it; during the confrontation against the head end, ridiculous, impressive looking down. Is a pity that those points propagated go coming of a way so dispersed, instead of trying to put is of agreement to form a few scenes memorable. Even the disturbing aesthetic fair, that in a first time appears search certain coherence narrative, just reduced to the minimum expression-it cart and it via-when the attraction goes coming to its end.

More complicated Rush of Blood it has to defend its proposal as action title. It is, like so many others who tried to take advantage of the success of Wii to revive the genre, a light gun without light gungame. Are them typical boxes with weapons special-the shotgun, the magnum, the uzi and a pistol of flares explosive, all with ammunition limited-, are them forks for add replayability and is made indisputable of that point and shoot was much more fun and rewarding in Virtua Cop or Time Crisis. In Supermassive is deserve an applause by dispense with of that usual reticle that you removes all the grace to the affair-instead have the light of them flashlights stuck to the gun, infinitely more subtle-, but the system of score and them multiplier not are well adapted to the precision that offer both the own game as them Move. There are, also, something not so different from flashes of genius: when you go crazy with clown masks on both sides and you have to turn the head constantly, when they surprise you the spiders that you uploaded to the carrichoche… However, the enemies are little imaginative and strangely scarce. The majority of bullets, in fact, van directed to boxes, balloons and vases with targets drawn. Or to some dolls that make of collectable and that serve, unless me has lost something, to unlock a lot of absolutely nothing.

Unitl Dawn: Rush of Blood is a game functional, entertaining and at times shocking. It is also limited, opportunistic and less focused than his older brother. In the mountains of Blackwood, tribute to the film slasher teen together naturally with the curiosity and tension of the decisions that took the player; Here, scares and shooting are each one by his side. And although virtual reality power them separately, still leaving gaps between the two halves. [6]

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