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Christophe Balestra is going from Naughty Dog to meet «projects personal»

I’ve had the luxury to work with the best people and ship the most amazing games but it’s time to say goodbye…

-Christophe Balestra (@cbalestra) March 8, 2017

Christophe Balestra, President of Naughty Dog together with Evan Wells, has put end to his career in the Studio, where worked from the year 2002.

Balestra said that you leave his post “to fulfill my ambitions and personal projects”, and making it “with the greatest respect for the team and its unwavering dedication to Naughty Dog» and their games. «It has come time to spend more time with my family and create a vacuum to see with what can fill it (that is obviously related to the programming)», it recognizes; its first steps within the study of Uncharted were, precisely, as programmer.

«Join me to Naughty Dog in 2002 was my biggest decision for my family and my career», explains Balestra in the blog of the study. «I was excited I become part of the team that created Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter. For me, the main attraction was to work with the team responsible for the games that I loved to work, that they were also impressive and were developed at its time technically. Never would have guessed what was going to be my future at Naughty Dog when I entered the Studio as a programmer».

Little time after start to work was named co-chair along with Evan Wells, in a time in which «Naughty Dog was facing is to the challenge of make the transition to a new platform while developed a new engine and a new franchise completely new at the same time», continues Balestra, that is refers to those years (the step of PS2 to PS3) (, and the development of the first Uncharted after Jak 3 page) as his “greatest professional achievement».

From April 3, the last day of Balestra in the study, the Presidency of Naughty Dog will fall entirely on Evan Wells.

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