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Danganronpa V3 will be available on Steam in September

Danganronpa V3 , the third installment main of visual novels series of Spike Chunsoft, will be published on Steam on September 26.

This V3 opens a new story and gives a new twist to its theme: after the pop and the tropical of the first two deliveries, the third part revolves around theme psycho cool, personified in the character of Monokuma, that deranged Teddy that unsettles a group of kids to take them to the death. He is the only character who stays in this third part, which seems as good as any other entry point.

The ideal, I guess, is the first part, which I liked a lot; with it it happened to me «not only did not expect much but that he planned to settle for much less than what I’ve finished finding», I wrote at the time:

Even when it falters he knows to keep the narrative pulse better than many; not to mention other more innovative things with which also dares Danganronpa, as the way in which gets developed part of the game outside of the console, in our heads: for example, when put us, by writing, in the situation of having special befriended, so it might be, with a character who doesn’t live at the end either murdered or killer.

This third part was released in Japan on January 12 this year, and will reach the PS4 and Vita European at the end of September. In Europe, in fact, that leaves three days later on Steam, 29 September.

Danganronpa V3 estará disponible en Steam en septiembre

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