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Dead Island 2 disappears from Steam

Dead Island 2 desaparece de Steam

Dead Island 2 on Steam page has been withdrawn recently, as he has highlighted a NeoGAF user. In the registry’s database of Steam you can see how removed both the shop page as the genres and categories that were associated with the game.

The game takes a time more or less disappeared. The year past, Deep Silver and Yager put an end to their relationship, leaving the second part of Dead Island developer orphan. The game was announced in 2014, during an E3; precisely there we saw in action an early version that painted very well.

It not so long ago, in March, it was announced that Sumo Digital would be the study commissioned to return to the project. «Sumo has shown to understand the franchise, has creative ideas and a vision which coincides with ours», said the CEO of Koch Media, Klemens Kundratitz.

Dead Island 2 desaparece de Steam

The withdrawal of Steam can be related precisely with this change of hands. Although the apocalyptic already are talking about cancellation, it seems more likely that Sumo Digital input in the equation has meant a change in the direction of the game, perhaps also its appearance and graphic resources used for its promotion. With E3 just around the corner, it seems reasonable to expect a new presentation that leave behind the stage with Yager.

We have been in contact with Deep Silver to clarify the situation. We will update when we get a response. At the moment, from Koch Media Spain say that “nothing new” to announce about the game, “Apart from the statement that was made public in the middle of last year’; refer to the moment in which Yager dissociated himself from the project, interestingly, and not the entry of Sumo Digital.

Update, 10:29: From Koch Media Spain comes a new official statement on the situation of the Dead Island 2. Does not say much that we didn’t, but at least it serves to confirm that development is still underway. The statement is as follows:

Dead Island 2 is currently in development by the hand of Sumo Digital. As soon has new details to share, do so.

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