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Devil completo Third servers closed in December

Los servidores de Devil's Third cierra en diciembre

Nintendo has announced the closing of the servants of the Devil completo Third, which will be included in Japan on 29 December of this year.

As of June 27 it will not be possible to buy eggs of gold through micropayments, and the game will receive a discount of 50% in their sale price. It is quite explicitly point out the importance of the own Tomonobu Itagaki, the game designer and founder of Valhalla Game Studios, gave to each half of the game.

Outside Japan, the situation is uncertain: Nintendo does not know yet what will happen in Europe, as the company confirmed us.

The closure seems to only affect the version of Wii U, which was published in Japan on 4 August of last year. Devil completo Third Onlineversion free-to-play multiplayer published Valhalla Game Studios with the collaboration of Nexon, was published on June 8 in Japan.

The game of Itagaki, known for its very notable Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, went through a turbulent development: he took a good hit after the closure of THQ, but Nintendo rescued the project and revived it as exclusive Wii U. The thing ended up not going at all well: is a disaster in so many ways that it seems at times almost a parody. Multiplayer is usually stand out as good of the Pack, although personally I think it is a rather more generous account view.

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