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Divorces come to Stardew Valley with its first big patch


Release for some and a severe blow for others, the possibility of divorce comes with all its consequences to the popular Stardew Valley including many novelties in the first great game patch, 1.1. Among them found buildings additional for power do run of form more efficient our farm, as well as new types of cultivation that provide more variety and possibilities to this title. Ultimately, enhance the final phase of the game, including more options.

On the other hand is have introduced new missions that develop the plot of Stardew Valley and enhance a the component of the game more away from the management agricultural. In this update can learn more than the secret that is hidden behind this, in appearance, sympathetic game. In this sense there is much by explore and enough hours of game additional to our games, regardless of that begin a new farm or continue with the usual.

Another novelty of this great first patch for Stardew Valley is the possibility of choosing different formats for our farm to marked direct gameplay. For example, one of them introduces large masses of water, what hinders the creation of plantations but power all that related with the fishing. These variations in the maps are interesting since they introduce small challenges and the need to raise our game in a different way.

Ultimately, are dealing with a patch that renews substantially Stardew Valley by introducing a multitude of new features. After this update the creator of the game still has more plans for this title, beyond the arrival of the multiplayer mode, although for now you can try a version of the latter thanks to a mod created by a fan. Of equal way, them translations also seems that are by arrive, although by the time not there is date for them.

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