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Donnie Yen will star in the film Sleeping Dogs

Donnie Yen protagonizará la película de Sleeping Dogs

Reporting Deadline will be the big screen adaptation of Sleeping Dogs, the formidable sandbox of thugs arts, Square Enix, starring Donnie Yen, well known in the field of the hard hostiazo by Ip Man.

The film, like the play, is about a police officer infiltrated the triads whose mission is to overthrow the criminal organization from the inside. Live all kinds of adventures, possibly related to breaking the jaw several people along the way. The game was a reinterpretation in key to open world of a story that well a Chinese 80s movie, could have been so it is not difficult to imagine what kind of movie awaits us here.

Nevertheless, Yen, super today famous for Rogue One and the new xXx, is an important value for this film: conquer China is an important step for a film, and you can balance the bad results in other territories (bad results in criticism, I do not know to what extent it is worth to talk, but also balances them). The film of Warcraft, directed by Duncan Jones, happily triumphed in China, away from our eyes; the money from the ticket office is always nearby.

Yen, a real star in China, is an actor who can get that: the campaign of promotion of xXx in China had Donnie Yen as the protagonist, ahead of Vin Diesel, and got to be the second best opening in IMAX for the month of February. IP Man 3 grossed 124 million dollars in China last year.

The game, on the other hand, did not need big names to put a dent in our memory. There is something charming in the humble form that United Front Games, which closed last year after several years of uncertainty following the launch of Sleeping Dogs, worked his vision balancing well its like with the large related genus, and ending, anyway, with something pretty unique.

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