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Don’t Starve Together: A New Reign incorporates new bosses and secrets


Don’t Starve Together receives the second part of its new expansion, to New Reign, with a patch loaded of news and content for this title of survival. If with the first part pointed out that could do a little more easy the life of them players, this patch will get all it contrary since will have that make facing new and terrible dangers that come to the world of Don’t Starve. There is that point out that this expansion is free and that all its contents already are available.

Perhaps one of those elements more interesting of this second part is that covers the practice all of Don’t Starve Together. As is can appreciate in the video of presentation, both the world “normal” as the caverns have received any novelty, by what them players more explorers will have that go all this particular universe if want to squeeze them new content added in this update.

Additional objects have also been introduced as well as new enemies, including a new Chief, the Queen Bee, with additional loot, to manufacture. Most of them are related to the creation of settlements such as Gates and fences. Pets and pets whose function is simply decorative, although they add a customization point the characters have also been added.

Presumably, this second part closes the contents of Don’t Starve Together: A New Reign but that does not mean that this title no longer receive content in the medium and long term. Klei Entertainment could surprise us with another expansion of these features or even adding the contents of Shipwrecked, though this last one seems quite complicated. Which still continues in the Inkwell is Through the Ages, of which is unknown the State in which is located now.

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