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Double Dragon IV, directed by Yoshihisa Kishimoto, published on 30 January

ARC System Works has announced Double Dragon IV, the continuation of the legendary I against the neighborhood. Guilty Gear or BlazBlue makers are working with Yoshihisa Kishimoto, who is in charge of directing this new installment.

Kishimoto is one of those most responsible for the first deliveries of the series; This fourth part will continue to with the history where it left Double Dragon II, after the fall of the Shadow Warriors, it organization criminal that murdered to Marian, wedding of one of them protagonists. The adventures of Billy, the boyfriend in question, and Jimmy Lee are not especially profound, but are a good example of the epic (and ethics) of the flying patadon in the face that dominated the genre during the 80s and most of the 90.

As you can see in the teaser, on these lines, is have marked a Mega Man 9. Visual style imitates the of the NES games, with those iconic muñecotes in whose eyes consists is sensed only one vital goal: break the object to the malnacidos crossing on their way.

The game will be published in Steam and PlayStation 4 on January 30.

Precisely on Double Dragon II wrote pinjed, essential as always, does not much, as part of the review to fund that made of them thirty games that includes the NES Mini. There we had how Kishimoto «is inspired in the numerous fights of Institute in which is saw wrapped in his youth» for design these games.

« « Is not wonderful? “, he wondered. «The father of the “I against the neighborhood”-that a year later would develop Double Dragon and in 1990 would make its sequel-was actually a badass of gang and knife». Will have to look for references to the collapse of Technōs, the study of the originals, which sank a couple of years when Kishimoto was in 1994 in Double Dragon IV.

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