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DriveClub VR on sale October 13


The version created for virtual reality of DriveClub will be available in our territory on October 13. The game had been confirmed for Japan on that date, but not in Europe.

Them owners of the pass of season of DriveClub (several times in offer by some 10€ with the game base) can do is with this version VR by 19.99€. If not, DriveClub VR will be priced at €39.99 (at Amazon have it €35,95). This pass of season would have that have is acquired before the 29 of September to be able to participate in the promotion.

The game will include 114 circuits – including variations – and new street circuits. The template of vehicles will be extended to 80 models.

DriveClub VR was completed almost in full by Evolution Studios and subsequently WWS Immersive Technology is commissioned of finishing the product. This group is formed by former workers of Evolution.

The game does not have the same graphics of DriveClub, but the feeling of immersion is very accomplished and has well-worked graphics effects. The view in cabin with PS VR is very enjoyable. Recomendaria DriveClub VR to accompany PlayStation VR (together with Rez Infinite and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood). You can read my impressions with PlayStation VR here.

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