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Edge of Nowhere, Insomniac virtual lovecraftian horror, comes in three days

We have not spoken much, although Pep discovered it at the last E3 and shocked him so much that kept him a place on the final podium what most liked him at the fair in Los Angeles, and the case is that we have already practically over. Edge of Nowhere comes out on June 6 for Oculus Rift as part of the powerful bet that Insomniac is determined to make the virtual reality with titles such as Feral Rites and The Unspoken, all of them are exclusive to the device property of Facebook.

The Edge of Nowhere interesting is that you it’s a third person horror adventure, so it does not seem that you cast hand of justification easier with virtual reality, which is to take the perspective of a character or entity, but you have to find the tricks to make sense your exclusive existence within that platform. And, perhaps the most significant: I don’t know you, but watching it I pisses me off to play it like a normal game, without helmets VR. It is a negative feeling, but it speaks very well of the game.

Its setting and its artistic direction have much guilt: seems to the issue of a type who travels to Antarctica to follow the trail of the expedition lost in that his fiancée was and just discovering a world of primitive monstrosities, maddening architectures of an unknown civilization and giant creatures of long tentacles. Lovecraftian influence I believe that it is something more than undisputed, and the aspect of the environment and the characters have some air to that realistic but slightly caricatured style of games like the last three BioShock, which personally seems to me very successful.

In any case, Edge of Nowhere reaches the Oculus Store next edited Monday, in fact, through the own Oculus. To see if we can give a tiento and explain what such is.

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