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G2A presents its new measures in collaboration with developers

G2A presenta sus nuevas medidas de colaboración con los desarrolladores

G2A has announced its new policies in collaboration with developers, since the recent case of TinyBuild raise suspicions about the legitimacy of some of the practices of the website of resale of codes. Summarized in seven points including royalties to the creators, access to the database of codes and protection against returns for fraud, to prevent, for example, the economic consequences of the massive purchases with stolen credit cards.

«As leaders in the digital game market», explained, “We recognize that our responsibility is to serve the common good of the entire video game industry. «Recent events have shown that we need to move more quickly to enter new benefits designed with developers in mind, and invite them to have one even larger role in creating the store of the future».

“We want calm to the developer community monitoring to bottom of our shop in search of possible fraudulent activities,” they continue. «In the small fraction of cases where has may have detected a fraud, we investigated and the guilty parties deny participation in the future. We work with the law enforcement around the world to find fraud and we are committed to ensure that the store remains safe. Dozens of payments providers work with us around the world because they have total confidence in our safety process».

The seven points of its new developer tools are the following:

1. Royalties for auctions of third parties: developers may apply a royalty of up to 10% for any of its products sold to G2A shop, which offers a way that developers monetize third-party sales.

2. priority positioning: sales handled by developers will be listed first, above the third parties, to provide more visibility and transparency. Developers can also create their own windows with their products and promotions.

3. protective against returns: G2A offers G2A Pay, with free integration for developers as a form of protection on their own websites, to mitigate the risk factors (especially beneficial for small developers, beginners and those who believe that their security systems are not sufficient).

4. dedicated to the database access: developers will have access to our database to verify sales, volume and the timing and track the lifecycle of each code and identify illegal practices.

5. dedicated accounts agents: are going to expand our model of agents of accounts devoted to offer help to the developer and resolve any questions or problems, especially those related to security issues.

6. option of financing to developers: many players wish to support their favorite developers. For the first time, they can offer funds directly through an additional button on the page of the developer product.

7. expansive global access: multilanguage translation program expands the exhibition of developers to our 10 million customers overall, desirous of new indie developers games.

“We can always do better”, they top. “We know that this is just a few steps inside the way towards the creation of higher value and more security for all our vendors in this market constantly changing, and we will offer news as we have new solutions to share.”

The seven points of G2A solved some of the problems that reported TinyBuild, the study published Party Hard and Punch Club, among others. The royalties allow the developer to obtain 10% of each sale, and the possibility of creating custom shops mean, I imagine, the option of establishing a minimum price, if only in the products that you put on sale.

Security-related solutions are more doubts have awakened. TinyBuild proposed is to verify the identity of the sellers before allowing anyone to sell items in G2A; the solution has finished being a sort of insurance against mass sales with stolen cards (the problem which fueled distrust G2A in first instance) and access to a database in which the developers can investigate illegal sales.

Mike Bithell, creator of Volume and Thomas Was Alone, reviewed the proposal with scepticism to G2A: “to make it clear, by 10%, would take responsibility for checking with credit card scams? I’m not sure that is a great deal”, he said. «I want to say: nothing more I like to combine data in search of suspicious behaviour.» It is one of my hobbies. But I get the feeling that it is your work.

I mean, there’s nothing I love more than combing data for suspicious behaviour. It’s a hobby of mine. But I kinda feel that’s your job?

-Mike Bithell (@mikeBithell) of June 28, 2016

At the time of publication of this notice, TinyBuild has not made any statement on these new measures, neither in public nor in response to our emails.

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