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Gears of War 4 prepares for its weekend of crossplay

Gears of War 4 se prepara para su fin de semana de crossplay

Gears of War 4 will experience this weekend with the multiplayer competitive between PC and Xbox One, as The Coalition has announced in its official forum. Through a playlist special prepared for the experiment, computer and console players can compete without borders in duel for teams, Dodgeball, and King of the Hill.

Although “cross game”, as explained in the Forum, «divides people in any competitive experience’, the intention is to check how it works in a controlled environment, with a view to permanent deployments in the future. «This weekend aims to try the game crossed in a public playlist . Players of both platforms matter much, and I have heard, so our goal at this event is get a lot of data and listen to feedback from players of both platforms to review the results.”

“From the beginning, we let clear our intention to maintain separate both platforms in the non-cooperative game modes to maintain competitive balance. Preserve a competitive environment fair remains a top priority for us», clarify.

This is the first step, they say, toward a possible future in which the players of PC and Xbox One to compete on a more regular basis (“or not, as it may be the case,” recognized); they insist that “I won’t any sudden change based on this weekend».

Although you can see some suspicion among the Community (the possibility of using traps in PC tends to be one of the most common reasons for mistrust), in general the initiative seems to have been received with open arms. According to leo, in PC the multiplayer not is so village as in Xbox One, so surely more than one thank the doors open, although is for a weekend. I think that others, such as Titanfall 2, could benefit also from the common community, although I suppose that we are far from that.

A good time, in any case, to continue with the multiplayer, this awaited festival of the shotgun that shines especially strong, if I ask to me, Dodgeball and the classic duel by teams; to encourage the community, the quantities of experience they receive for winning (and losing) have increased substantially a departure.

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