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Guillermo de el Toro and Mads Mikkelsen in the new trailer for Death Stranding

“I bring a gift,” said Hideo Kojima to finish the speech that thanked the first prize in The Game Awards 2016. The laughter and applause, clear, gave way to a Death Strandingtrailer.

Repeats the flat starting with dead crabs, but instead of Norman Reedus is Guillermo de el Toro who takes the baby in arms – a sort of portable incubator and trying to protect him from an army of skeletons led by Mads Mikkelsen – favorite actor of Japanese, said recently in Twitter, another of Hollywood. This is, no doubt, to Hideo Kojima game.

In fact, I would say that Reedus and del Toro aren’t the only ones involved in the development of the Silent Hills cancelled that Kojima has returned to gather for its next project: this tank with organic protrusions could well bear the stamp of Junji Ito – Gyo, no need to go further, leaving dead fish and those who are mixed with war machines.

At the end of the video, by the way, Geoff Keighley has commented that this was in real time, to 4K – some as almost everyone, I guess-, in a PS4 Pro. This weekend, during the PlayStation Experience, we will know more details on the technology front and behind Death Stranding. Still visually remembering a little Fox Engine who was left Konami after divorce, but in principle it is a new graphics engine: guess the third logo at the end of the video, Decima, is just that.

I need it for yesterday and I do like all the mimimimi that you can throw the poor Hideo.

Guillermo del Toro y Mads Mikkelsen en el nuevo tráiler de Death Stranding

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