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Microsoft provides new details about the Windows 10 game mode

Microsoft has released a video where he explains over the main advantages of the new Game mode of Windows 10, which will be available to all users of the operating system soon, when the Creators Update is published. You have it up.

On the official Xbox website repeated the explanation, which remains a bit weak: this mode «optimizes your PC with Windows 10 to achieve an overall improvement in the performance of the games’. The type of magic that gets underway here is not entirely clear («will give further details on the game mode during the testing of the Insiders», they say; it should be already same), but the idea is thus to redistribute the resources of your computer to improve the framerate in the average framerate and peaks of images per second.

This mode can be activated not only in the UWP games, but also in the Win32; a pop-up menu should allow the activation of the game mode and the selection of options.

Also added Beam, «the faster and easier way of relay games», which will be integrated into the operating system; reach version preview of Xbox One «soon». Its key points are a delay of less than a «second», the possibility to interact with the broadcast ‘as if you were in the same room as the caster’and the option «incorporate simple interactive features, such as panels of sound». Beam is activated through the game, as well as the new mode of optimization; Windows+G and everything is there.

Since I mention Xbox One, this Creators Update will also come to the Microsoft console soon; When you do so, the option of anchoring programmes to one side of the screen disappear, thanks to heaven.

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