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Might and Delight continues her saga animal with Meadow

After little success that was Shelter, that indie so personal and colorful aspect that we put the hot skin of breast Badger caring for four young for an exodus that is full of dangers, Swedes of Might and Delight have been taking advantage of that style so recognizable and that universe of endless possibilities to continue making games that tell us stories of animals and us grab the casings whenever nature displays its cruelty.

After Shelter came Shelter 2, where climbed some steps of the scale food controlling to breast Lynx and its small projects of feline predator, and finally came Paws, that spent a little more unnoticed by be a spin-off less that us explains what were them adventures of the young that lose in the first section of Shelter 2.

Today the Stockholm Studio comes with its fourth proposal set in that same scene of collage and vegetation of straight lines, and probably the most ambitious of four games: Meadows is entitled and has the distinctive feature of which is an online multiplayer.

Not know if with this will change already of third, but certainly the idea that put on the table would be a magnificent brooch end for this saga: nine species different between which choose, with sixty skins different to customize the appearance of the bug, besides ninety gestures characteristic that can go unlocking as play. Those who also have Shelter in its library of Steam games can enjoy some extras, including animal (if you have Shelter and Shelter 2, eye there, unlocks the bird of prey) and new expressions to communicate with our partners.

Not have given many details on the mechanical, but apparently can feel the presence of others players when are close and treat of communicate us to follow the trip together or, if are a species predatory, fill us the stomach with them. Seems in any case that the communication will be something important in Meadows, that reaches the 26 of October to Steam.

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