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Pokémon Prism, the last rom hack cancelled by Nintendo, is filtered by an anonymous group

A group anonymous of people “interested in that the ROM hacks have success» has filtered Pokemon Prism, the last project of fans cancelled by Nintendo.

Koolboyman, the creator of Prism (a review of Pokemon Crystal set in a new region and that wore in development eight years), received the dreaded cesar and desist from Nintendo the 21 of December; shortly thereafter, Prism disappeared from the internet, along with Pokémon Brown and Rijon Adventures, hacks of red and red fire respectively.

According to explain them responsible of the filtration (that not is «affiliate with [them creators] of any form»), «the project grew in popularity it enough for us interested in it, and the letter of Nintendo us put underway». Notwithstanding that a final version of the hack was never published officially and that all Koolboyman and associated material has been removed, dwarves have grown you to Nintendo: is easy to find lots of videos and live webcasts of Prism on any platform, amen of the community that is has forming around the game is growing thanks precisely to the incident.

“Regardless of the legal rights of Nintendo, believe that they are destroying the hard work of his fans without reason or gain”, said those responsible for filtration to Kotaku. «Nintendo could have used this (and any other good ROM hack) as an opportunity to promote the series Pokémon in general.» They don’t even have to do anything other than let the games live».

The issue of the protection of intellectual property has been unexpectedly popular in recent months, partly because of another incident of Nintendo fans, when two amateur projects based on Metroid and Pokemon disappeared from the list of nominees for the Game Awards. Here published an article reviewing some scenarios where is can Intuit infringement of copyright, and the situation is so fofa and little stimulating as seems: are in their right and point, and the good roll not has place in them adventures legal of a multinational, and not is another that understand it. So de Grey. Almost looks like chance that one will find fun in a video game, with all the boredom that are around.

Them leakers of the hack (Note mental: possible name for a group) not is close to the possibility of update and work in Prism by its has if get help with the programming. “We discovered how to remove the original credits (to prevent anyone from being responsible for that have done this) and that’s all,” they recognize, what technical capabilities are concerned. PasteBin includes a contact email to who might be interested in the project.

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