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Resident Evil 7 has sold 3.5 million copies, below expectations of Capcom

Resident Evil 7 ha vendido 3,5 millones de copias, por debajo de las expectativas de Capcom

Good and bad news on the latest financial report from Capcom, which reviews how things gone during the fiscal year that ended March 31.

The positive, also the most important, is that the numbers: the 87,170 million yen admitted with sales and 13,650 million profit represent, in both cases, an increase of 13% over the results of last year. It is not buggered, because thousand yen are little more than eight euros, but since the Japanese company sound moderately satisfied.

However, all large Capcom releases have sold below expectations. Resident Evil 7, enters the list of “Platinum titles” with 3.5 million copies sold – for example, earlier this year, in another of those slides for shareholders, the expectations were determined at 4 million. Despite the magnificent reception by critics, this adventure first person stays away from the most successful deliveries; go you know if, with the remake of Resident Evil 2 road, again to open up the debate on the future of the franchise.

Truth is that these things should take into account the costs of development. Terror dark and closed this last Resident leaves more cheap, safe, explosions and the campaigns of Resident Evil 6. They tell him if not Monster Hunter XX: 1.7 million copies instead of 2, Yes, but only in Japan and for what continues to be a not-very-expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations. Worse things have gone you to Monster Hunter Stories, the spinoff for the dudes who intended to approaching phenomena like Pokemon or I-kai Watch and it was hovering around 300,000 units. With his arrival in the West, the next fall, will have a second chance.

Nor has been able to be with Dead Rising 4. Here as they passed optimists, because many bow eyebrow when we saw that Capcom hoped to persuade 2 million players with the return of Frank West; There are no figures, but his absence from the list above tells us that has not come yet to one million copies.

For the fiscal year that will end in March 2018, the intention is to “increase the flow of great titles according to the strategic map in the medium term”. Wake once, go, because they have already been a few bundled.

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