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Scanner Sombre is introversion, and comes out last tomorrow

The new game from Introversion, Sombre Scanner, will be available on the day 26 of this month, as announced by the Studio today. Above you can see the trailer for launch.

Scanner Sombre is an exploration game that puts you in the shoes of someone who wakes up between stone walls poorly illuminated by the Dim light of a fire which does not last long; total darkness makes it impossible to move forward, but suddenly you find a scanner lidar with which to see, through the representation of space giving the lasers, the labyrinth of caves around you.

It is a starting point that gives rise to a very impressive visuals, with those scenarios formed based on color dots that are resistant to be clearer account. There are some mechanical play leading: focusing or blurring the lidar will reveal new details of the levels, necessary to move forward with guarantees.

As you might expect, the apparent loneliness of the protagonist is just that, apparent; Discover what’s behind the strange figures appearing in the caves is one of the objectives of the game, narrative, short and very different from Prison Architect, the former after Introversion.

In the next few days you can read our review of Scanner Sombre.

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