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Telltale Games acquired the rights from the no-do

Telltale Games adquiere los derechos del NO-DO

In your mob will by cover all the fan of productions own of the television and the novel graphic, them enthusiasts youngsters of Telltale Games, prisoners of a joy barbarian, have announced in this tomorrow of December the acquisition formal and confirmed of them rights that les will allow legally develop a novel game of video inspired in them providential teachings of newsreels and documentary often referred to as No-do, for your enjoyment bragado and energetic delight inside and outside the borders of this glorious homeland our.

A representative appointed by the his Excellency Deputy of education Popular will accompany to them talented grooms of the modern study site in the sunny California, depositary of the privilege of attend to them tangled weave and drive own of the wrought of this ambitious project and with the target substantial of attest that the fruit of the effort set complies with the unofficial end of keep with own and guideline urge proper, the national film information.

Having been impossible incorporate to this intrepid feat creative to the composer original of the band sound of no-do by have defunct sadly in the summer of 1973, the Superintendence shall draw up a lush list where will list, to the way of an affectionate suggestion, artists of outstanding greatness and silver prestige as them public-spirited rapazuelos of Insane Clown Posse or the formidable minstrel Chamillionaire with his jubilant tonada «They see me rollin’» «, they hatin’ “.

Remain still in strict secret them sweet details of No-do: to Telltale Series, although picaruelos sparrows have made get to this modest emissary gossip about a first chapter dedicated to the inauguration of some swamps from true caudillo victorious of our war and of our peace with great intelligence, wisdom and prudence of ruler. Figure out you!

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