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The Coalition shows the prologue to Gears of War 4 in this 20 minute video

The two gentlemen who greet us here above are Rod Fergusson and Matt Searcy. By their t-shirts, their cups cool and above all by the title of the video, it is clear that they come to teach us cosicas of Gears of War 4: the first 20 minutes of the game, specifically.

I don’t know if, with the regulations at hand, should we speak here of spoilers. Not there are big revelations related with the plot of this new delivery, but yes there are several winks and surprises that one could wanting to book for when is put to play. Total, October 11 is here itself.

It seems a good start to the game, taking into account where we come with Gears of War. A bit of fan service -much, actually-goes well to insist with that message’s that the franchise is in good hands with The Coalition; one can be more or less tired of the formula and perhaps the graphics don’t have the impact of a few years ago, but no one can tell that this is not a Gears.

Is also, that is us forget always that point of view, a form very effective of put to the day and give it welcome to which are new in this of them Lancer, the Locust and the family Carmine.

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