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The first game of Atooi post separation of Renegade Kid is called Chicken Wiggle

Chicken Wiggle is the new game of Atooi, the study of Jools Watsham. It is a platform starring a «unlikely duo» formed by a chicken and a worm who travels in his backpack.

He game will be in 3DS and iOS soon, and besides their own levels «full of mechanisms fun, obstacles tricky and enemies sibillini» comes with an editor so «both aspiring of game designers as pintamonas playful can spend hours creating their own levels», explain in the note of press, posted in his web. It continues:

You can even choose different rules, themes and add tracks, tips and search tags custom. A time are ready, is easy to share your creations in line with other players of Chicken Wiggle through the portal of the community. Now, anyone can be a designer there where is!

Watsham has posted a small video in which it sees the appearance that will have the game:

Makes few days we learned of that Renegade Kid had closed its doors, after a decade throwing games as Dementium, Xeodrifter or the celebrated Mutant Mudds. The founders of the Studio, Watsham and Gregg Hargrove, decided to go by separate with its own projects personal: the of Hargrove is called Infitizmo and Atooi is the of Watsham.

To the separate is is distributed the property of them games of Renegade Kid, and while Hargrove is led which were in 3D (with dementium II, its sequel and its remakes as main representatives) Watsham is was with which were made in 2D. Chicken Wiggle goes by a road quite family for Watsham, accustomed to designing games from platforms in 2D.

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