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The new expansion of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided explores the last criminal of Adam Jensen

La nueva expansión de Deus Ex: Mankind Divided explora el pasado criminal de Adam Jensen

Square Enix has announced a new expansion Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which extends the story of its protagonist. He is called A Criminal Past and on February 23, will be published on all platforms.

This DLC for a player moves back in time to explore the first mission of Adam Jensen for the Task Force 29. Is a mission of infiltration: doing is pass by an inmate, Jensen must infiltrate is in a prison of high security for increased, in search of an agent double that is hidden inside.

It’s been already a few months since the System Rift, the first DLC for the game was published. As in that case, it seems that A Criminal Past is a separate history which can be accessed from the menu of stories of Jensen, instead of being integrated into the game world; Finally and after all, it takes place in another place and another time.

Us had Pep in its day that to this second Deus Ex of the second was (when to Eidos Montreal you gave by revive the universe created by Ion Storm) you lack, despite all their hits, something of decision to end of give you roundness to a design that «is articulates with naturalness starting from a base simple and clear» :

It is easy to stay with what is good, that is too much, despite the obvious which is the conflict between what Mankind Divided wants to or is intended to be – a game with something to say, defined by the decisions of the player – and what it really is – a magnificent game of stealth with more charisma than knows to handle.

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