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This animated short from Majora’s Mask made by fans is incredible

I’m not too much documented in the lore of the Legend of Zelda series, but yes I understand that Majora’s Mask is perhaps the game more dark and disturbing of the whole saga, a kind of horror story about a nice criaturilla of forest a day borrows a mysterious mask of the inventory of a dealer and suffers the curse that contains the object becoming a malignant creature that will be the enemy of Link.

Now I find this animated short film made by fans based on this little story, that of the day of the small Skull Boy playing his flute and jumping from here to there until that fateful night in which masks wholesaler camping in your area. The most interesting is how the short manages to emphasize the most it certainly disturbing that stretch of the game, how Skull Boy has something uncomfortable even before donning the mask and how just crossing with this fate fatal.

At the technical level the short is simply incredible, living proof of the strength of love and respect for the franchise always seems to give better results than the blockbusters commanded by major studios astronomical budgets. This Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate is the work of a small California company called EmberLab which is mainly dedicated to advertising, and the truth is that this short is of those who give the best kind of promotion.

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