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Tiny Heist is the experiment with the roguelike of Terry Cavanagh

Tiny Heist es el experimento con lo roguelike de Terry Cavanagh

Tiny Heist, the new game of Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV, Super Hexagon), already is available. You can play from your web; There are also downloadable versions for Windows and Mac, and it can be found at

The game, published in the last hour of 2016, is a roguelite in which the player must go through a series of rooms overeat guards, cameras and hounds and rapiñando so many gems and items as possible. Although the archaic visual style house brand and the shifts could parent it a little more with the original Rogue, the truth is that it is so lite as many, and very good, descendants of the classic ASCII we have received in recent years: it is agile, is readable and is in its sauce in the headings short. It’s distractionware perhaps is a little sell is by it low, but certainly that category you going as a glove.

“One of the main objectives for this game”, explains Cavanagh, «was to learn about the design of roguelikes at first hand, and definitely has been a success in that sense». As mark them cannons of the gender, the generation procedural is in the core of Tiny Heist: them floors and the positions of them items are different whenever is starts the game or is changes of room, as well as the position of them objects and enemies.

To all rag, Tiny Heist passes of be a game paused in which one is takes all the time of the world to dodge the look of them guards and the harassment of them cameras of security to a thunderous career for get sooner to them stairs of output, often pursued by guards and dogs that is faced with shells of banana (one of them items more common) or us pursue running in circle around a column , an emerging choreography to the Benny Hill to which only the PATA is missing: try to please her mentally while you play.

Tiny Heist es el experimento con lo roguelike de Terry Cavanagh

Recognizes its creator that “many things in this game are a disaster», between them the design of them enemies or the own generation of levels, but «in certain point is made more important simply finish this thing». Rush did that Cavanagh had to trim the ambition “to finish it before the end of the year”, although “much of what I love about this project is still there, even if it is buried very deep».

Tiny Heist not only marks the end of 2016 to Cavanagh, but it is a milestone in many ways more. It seems to be his last game in Flash, for example. Has long been using it regularly (he himself recognizes that «keep technology from 2008 to 2017 is long time today») but now it intends to use HTML5 for the browser versions, offering also executables to download. It is already the case of Tiny Heist, somehow; There is a version HTML5, although “still has some bugs and is more slow of what should».

Another milestone: is the first ‘ game free important» that publishes at a time; the last thing had played Cavanagh is the hilarious and brutal Grab Them By The Eyes, on the advertising industry and its nonsense, and I think that since then, certainly not had brought nothing new. That was at the beginning of 2015; It has rained. (By the way also became Constellation Machine, published in January 2016.)

You have not been partying, as they say, but that it takes a while, as he explains, «working hard on a big and serious, so it has been nice to ventilate and devote myself to something lighter for a long». It is always a joy to know that Cavanagh is doing things big and serious, as well as give us from time to time these small experiments; We will pay attention to what they have to teach us.

Terry Cavanagh publica su nuevo juego, Tiny Heist

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