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We’re giving away ten copies of The Count Lucanor

Sorteo conde lucanor steam

What, from bridge? I’m glad! In the Corral, pringando? A pity! Whatever the case, this not you pound anyone: we have contrived with Baroque Decay to give away, taking advantage of the holiday of Halloween, ten copies of The Count Lucanor, his first game. Ten!

To get one you only have to leave a comment here below. It is already. Easy. You can use the comments to tell us something interesting; It will not be for nothing, in the sense that the winners will be chosen completely at random and random does not understand of interesting stories, but humans subjected to random that we manage all this please. A comment is equal to a share; two comments or more means you will be sent directly to the most brutal disqualification, so do not put more than one comment if you want to win something.

The ten people winners are announced tomorrow by the morning. After that, we will contact to make delivery of the keys, which will then have to be redeemed at Steam. Clean, easy, painless: just the opposite that all these legends of Halloween who like young people now, so full of blood and hosts in vinegar.

In addition, if share this giveaway in networks social safe that you do a favor to Baroque Decay. If have arrived here thanks to the spectacular reception that has had my call to share in networks social, Hello! The Count Lucanor is an adventure pixelated of terror that mix the folklores of our world with the influence of other games that are folklore virtual, as Zelda or Silent Hill. It is available (now reduced) on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

I am more of the All Saints Day of Halloween, what you want to tell you, and I will take advantage of the situation to tell you of a Cadiz Festival that is celebrated just today, 31 October. I am referring to the Tosantos: the eve of all saints, the markets of Cadiz dress up your product to portray popular characters from fiction or public life; the same you see eggplants disguised Penguin as some characterized marranillos of incarcerated folk. Here you can see some images of the 2014 Edition, everyone will always remember by your pig Ninja turtles. Only was that. He has been an excuse to put this image:

Sorteo conde lucanor steam

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