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A look at the remasterisations of BioShock: The Collection


September 16 will be shown BioShock collection on the market for PS4, One and PC. Remember that those who have the first two parts of the game on Steam, update their games to this new version free of charge.

It really important is see as looks this work and 2 K has uploaded 3 gameplays corresponding to each one of those games that make up the series, BioShock 1, 2 e Infinite. We are going with this:

BioShock 1:

BioShock 2:

BioShock Infinite:

In console we will have 1080 p and 60 fps in those three games. The remastering is makes note in the definition, in some effects of more volume and in the effects of light. Is is of titles that have a paragraph art of great quality and that helps to reduce the impact of the time greatly.

That said, BioShock: The Collection on sale September 16.

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