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Damn Castile former also will be in PS4

So yeah! Finally I can say it: #MalditaCastillaEX confirmed for PS4 too ­čÖé
It will be presented at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016

-Locomalito (@Locomalito) August 30, 2016

Damn Castilla EX, the review for consoles of the game of Locomalito that is published in July in Xbox One, will come out also in PlayStation 4 coming soon. Of the hand of FlyHigh Works, the game will come also to Japan; There will be, precisely, where is see for first time, at the Tokyo Game Show.

This new version adds levels, enemies and bosses and fits the game, originally published on the website of Locomalito free (can still play the original here), to current generation consoles. For this version, Locomalito has had the support of Abylight, national industry veterans.

He does something less than a month celebrated Maldita Castilla EX in an analysis that deepened its roots not in the arcades of the 80, but in the novels of chivalry, where is the real interest of the game:

Today, are even reasonable criticism of the games retro for its simplicity and its usual lack of subtlety, especially if compared to the simulations of real cities or complex systems we have today; all have thought that revisiting a game of twenty or thirty years ago, the main form of ┬źevasion of an epoch that had much more limited today than fun opportunities┬╗, as Daniel Eisenberg writes about books of chivalry. ┬źBooks produced addiction, which explains its abundance and in part its danger,┬╗ continues Eisenberg; in his testament, Alonso Quijano (in damn Castilla also is makes reference to the Quixote) requests to his niece that ┬źis case with man of who first is has made information that not know what things are books of chivalry┬╗. Also the addiction to the gaming machines ┬źof an epoch that had much more limited today than fun opportunities┬╗ which sets Locomalito worried the society of his time.

You can read the analysis full here.

Wanted to the fortune that could publish, it week last, an article in which F reviewed the history of the remake and the copy, in which is asked if ┬źnot is damn Castilla a door of entrance unbeatable to them arcades of them 80 for players contemporary┬╗. It is very interesting reading to put in perspective this type of games that are set in the old to create something radically new; You can find the article here.

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