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DriveClub VR on sale on October 13 in Japan


Sony has made official the development of DriveClub VR. The title appeared registered in April and after the closure of Evolution Studios from the company not is expected this product.

PlayStation VR accompanied in some events of a version of DriveClub adapted to this device and will finally be released on Oct. 13 in Japan. That day shall be the PS VR sale in the country of the rising sun, so we can expect that in the rest of the markets also appears as the title of release with Sony VR goggles.

This DriveClub VR will offer new urban circuit, a mode where the player can see vehicles from different angles, view from inside the car and a more realistic sound through an audio 3Dsystem. The director of DriveClub, now at Codemasters with thickness of Evolution, has declared that DriveClub VR includes in her view the best circuits in the game.

Via | VG24/7

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