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Nintendo: “with NX we want to improve the communication”


Yes, a few days ago we talked about the next console Nintendo, NX, but you know that drip of rumors is constant. Maxime when her own company responsible of the development not has provided data official. Pay attention, this time, to a claim that has wielded the own Reggie Fils-Aime, …

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Dragon Quest XI reconfirms its presence in NX


The most optimistic expected to play the next installment of the Dragon Quest this year, but a project of this magnitude always requires more time.The game is confirmed that was in development for PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. Square-Enix revealed at the presentation of the game that they considered to be …

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A rumor says that NX will be compatible with mobile games


We already used in a previous entry that the rumors around Nintendo NX, the next console of the well-known Japanese company, were going to follow very active. In fact, every so often we are witnessing new gossip claiming details about how the machine could be. One of the latest comments …

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