Thursday , November 30 2023

Stardew Valley already speaks in Spanish


Stardew Valley became its own right one of the revelation of the 2016 games. A game inspired by the classic Harvest Moon released on PC , making it one of the few titles of these features of this platform. One of the requests that more insistently asked the followers of …

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Phoenix Point is the spiritual successor to the original X-COM


Julian Gollop, one of the designers of the original X-COM in 1994, announced his new project, Phoenix Point: a spiritual successor to the game that is known seeking collective funding through Fig. Phoenix Point is a game of turn-based strategy in which mankind is facing a “terrifying alien threat’. Sound …

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Mr. Shifty website


It is difficult to avoid the comparisons, which are odious. Out a platform and soon Super Mario game jump you on top of the head; leaves a car game and passes Forza skidding and makes it lost mud; a slower than normal, and from behind a corner sword leaves Miyazaki, …

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Overwatch: get the exclusive official D.Va skin


Blizzard has started a new cross promotions between games. On this occasion the protagonists become again Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm and reward for participating in this particular event is an exclusive for D.Va skin. But this is not all, since there are other small gifts for participating in …

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Night Trap re-released for its 25th anniversary


The commemorative edition of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Night Trap, the infamous Digital Pictures for Sega CD game, will be published this year in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The reissue is borne by Screaming Villains, a study of Kentucky. The game is remembered for being a particularly crappy example …

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The physical Edition of The Sexy Brutale now available


The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition, Edition Boxed of the celebrated game of Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works, is already available. BadLand Games takes care of the distribution, and initially will be available in Spain (for 25 euros, aim), United Kingdom, New Zealand and Asia; «further ahead», as it …

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