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22 minutes of gameplay of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age


The twelfth delivery of the franchise more popular of Square-Enix, Final Fantasy XII, will come to Playstation 4 in exclusive in its version remastered.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will bring all the content of Playstation 2 to the consoles present. The graphical difference of a delivery to another you can see in the following video:

It must be said that, if you not some version for Playstation 2, you can that you don’t end up surprising differences. Some animations are still somewhat robotic and weird, but for those who accompany Vaan and others in that adventure, it feels large enough, especially in the d differentiationecorados and models of the bodies of the characters. The faces, on the other hand, still looking like something ‘plasticized’, unless some other exception.

In addition to the added of best effects of lights and shadows along the title, the leap more important has been the band sound regrabada, under the supervision of Hitoshi Sakimoto.

On the other hand, interface has hardly noteworthy changes except for some than other texturing in the battle menu and the names of the team during the travels of the different scenarios.

However, to stand out and make you think people if they will need this remastering or not, include a new system of trades, which will completely reshape the skill tree. Each character will be bound with his profession and this, to his time, is divided in 12 grids that are correspond with a sign Zodiac. Once the choice of the path to follow, not we go back.

In addition to this, is includes a mode training, and another series of added minor as a mode of high speed, to move us with quickly by them scenarios (and to advance them fighting), and AutoSave, hated by many.

Finally, in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is rebalancear√°n them enemies and others elements to make more fair the difficulty and that is somewhat more progressive that in the Edition original.

All these improvements (except the band sound new and the news graphics) already is included in an Edition special of Final Fantasy XII released exclusively in Japan. However, the public European ever could opt for such improvements, by what is nice see that them have gathered for this edition.


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will arrive in 2017.

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